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Camping is a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors. But you need a tent and sleeping bag to get a good night’s rest. Having multipurpose gear comes in handy. How about a versatile sleeping bag that can transform from a rectangular single person shape into a luxurious two-person mode? Sleep like you are in a real bed. Unzip the sleeping bag with a YKK® #8, Two-Way Separating Coil Zipper to open the sleeping bag wide, and then zip it onto a ground sheet to make it fit snuggly and comfortably for two. You can also zip on optional hoods or head rests to give it added comfort. YKK’s reversible type DUA slider makes it easy to convert this sleeping bag into a two-person mode.

And with zippers, you can make different parts interchangeable to create different modules. Make sure you use the same type and size zipper and specify the MUSI special feature so that the zipper will match up. If you want to make your sleeping bag lighter weight, you can use a #45 Coil Zipper with a DWNT (Double Crown No Pulls) Slider, and you can use a piece of cord webbing as a puller. Has your zipper ever jammed or snagged a piece of sleeping bag material? Try our Anti-Snagging Slider Cover that can be attached to your existing zipper/slider (Currently only available for #5 Coil Zipper).

Before You Go On Your Next Camping Trip, Check Your Sleeping Bag Zipper

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How do you zip together two separate zippers?

As in the module type of sleeping bag mentioned above, if the two different zippers are both YKK® zippers and the size and chain type are the same, they will typically zip together. But the pitch of the zipper teeth varies slightly from zipper to zipper. If you want the zipper to match up more precisely, you can specify zippers with the MUSI special features that will count the exact number of zipper teeth to create a better interchangeable fit.

What type of sliders are recommended for use with a sleeping bag?

There are various types that you can use depending on what features you want. If you want your sleeping bag to open easily, you can use a slider with a non-locking function. If you want to be able to open the zipper from both the outside and inside, you can use a double pull slider.

What kind of zippers work best with a sleeping bag?

A coil zipper offers the best flexibility. The VISLON® zipper is also a good option for durability. You can also use cord stoppers to close the bottom of the sleeping bag, or you can use them with your sleeping bag covers.