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Before you go on your next camping trip, check your sleeping bag zipper

July 13, 2018
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Summer is a great time of the year to go camping, but before you go on your next excursion, make sure your sleeping bag is still in good condition and that the zipper is still working properly.  A zipper that has separated causing a gaping hole in a sleeping bag will make for a miserable night’s sleep.

We found several articles that give great tips on how to properly maintain your sleeping bag, as well as on how to repair the zipper on your sleeping bag if it should fail.

According to the article, “Sleeping Bag Care: How to Wash a Sleeping Bag – REI Expert Advice,” using a two-way zipper can be frustrating because it can snag or come apart by the toe.  The article suggests getting to know your bag’s zipper at home by practicing using it so that you will feel comfortable zipping up the zipper when you are in a dark tent, and you won’t yank on it and cause a fabric tear.

Sleeping Bag Care

Is your sleeping bag looking grimy and not keeping you as warm as it used to? Maybe it needs a bath! Learn tips on how to wash, dry, store and care for your down or synthetic sleeping bag.

The article, “How to care for your sleeping bag: 5 easy tips to get the most out of your bag” posted on Go Camping Australia Blog, also adds, “The zippers on your bag are your friend.  Treat them kindly.  Don’t yank and pull at them madly.  You want the zip to work smoothly and whilst it’s a little annoying if they snag or don’t work as quickly as we would like them too, you need them.  Replacing a zip isn’t easy, and not something you want to worry about on a trip.

Got 2 zippers on your bag?  Don’t let 1 zipper do all of the work and all the zipping up!  Utilize both zippers, and get them to meet half way.”

How to care for your sleeping bag: 5 easy tips to get the most out of your bag

If you own a sleeping bag, you want to treat it right. You may have paid a bit of money for it, and you don’t want to wreck it too soon do you? You need to know how to care for your sleeping bag!

The article, “How to Fix Sleeping Bags,” written by Casey Lyons and Caleigh Ryan on www.backpacker.com also states, “If there is a snag, don’t try to yank the slider free.  Instead, pull out the obstruction perpendicular to the track.”

How to Fix Sleeping Bags

Buying a sleeping bag? Pick carefully: In a survey, 52% of our readers said that they expected to keep their sacks for five to ten years; an additional 25% said they hoped to use the same bag for ten years or more. The key to keeping your bag going strong?

Finally, the article, “Sleeping Bag Zipper Repair: You Can Fix It without Despair,” written by John C. Porter, gives zipper repair advice for several different scenarios that could happen to a sleeping bag zipper including a zipper that has been damaged or is missing its teeth, a zipper that keeps pulling apart, a slider that is worn or a puller that is broken, a stopper that has pulled apart or fallen off at either end of a zipper, and a pin and box that have been destroyed.

This article also suggests that the best form of repair is to try to keep your zipper running smoothly by using lubricating substances.  In addition, it mentions that you should keep a zipper repair kit with you when you go camping in case your zipper should fail.

Sleeping Bag Zipper Repair: Step by Step DIY Guide and Expert’s Advice

Zippers! You have just walked for 3 days in the back country and laid out your sleeping bag, opened the zipper and it has pulled apart. It’s cold and the last thing you want is a miserable night with an open sleeping bag. All is not lost.

YKK manufactures a variety of fasteners for sleeping bags that are guaranteed to help keep the sleeping bag warm and enable you to get a good night’s rest.

Sleeping Bags – YKK

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