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YKK Americas Group’s plastic coil zippers add both comfort and functionality to our customers’ sofas, mattresses and pillows, and they are available in a wide range of color selections. Our Field Tech Centers also help to reduce our customers’ sewing costs by providing them with service and leasing equipment for installing our zippers into their products. With our manufacturing center located in Macon, Georgia, we are able to supply our customers with zippers and other fastening products using shorter lead times. We work with our customers to support their needs and provide them with more flexibility compared with overseas manufacturers.

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Can we order the zipper chain and slider separately?

Yes, YKK can supply zipper chain and slider parts separately. In addition, our Field Tech Center (FTC) can offer the technical assistance with sewing Issues related to YKK® products.

How can we reduce our sewing cost?

YKK can offer the services of our Field Tech Center (FTC) that can provide numerous options and solutions to our customers.

Training for our products and machinery
technical assistance with sewing issues related to YKK® products
manual and automatic sewing systems
automatic assembly machines
Work aids
Zipper chain stands
Slider jigs
Semi-automatic slider positioners
Custom equipment

What type of slider pulls are available for YKK® zippers?

You can choose the pull design from our slider catalogue. We can also make your original pull with your brand logo.

Can we print our original design or brand logo onto a YKK® zipper?

Our PRIFA® zipper provides a nice canvas on which you can print your original design or logo. The PRIFA® zipper has colorful tape prints. Patterns, colors and logos can all be created utilizing computer graphics and ink-jet processes.

Does YKK offer manufacturing equipment?

YES! Our department known as the Field Technology Center (or FTC for short) opened its doors back in 1978 to establish YKK as a total solutions provider!