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Fasteners for elite footwear


YKK Americas Group understands that footwear is an important and growing industry.  As a result, we offer high-end footwear brands a variety of zippers that provide their products with both a stylish appeal and quality assurance.

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Footwear Products

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What kind of zippers should I use in shoes?

You can use a plastic or metal number 4.5 or number 5 zipper with an automatic or pin lock slider. Use of a plastic or metal zipper will be influenced by the shoe style.

Which slider should you use in shoes? An automatic slider or a pin lock slider?

Both sliders are safe to use, but if you use an automatic slider and you pull on the slider, you will open the zipper. If you use a pin lock slider and the pin is not in the slider, the zipper will open.

What is a common zipper length for shoes?

The measurement used depends on the kind of shoes being produced. In the case of boots it is 6,0″ to 8.0″. For sandals it is 4.0″ to 6.0″.