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Hundreds gather in Macon to celebrate Cherry Blossom season

March 22, 2018
Author: YKK
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A child smiles and stares in awe as the colorful floats parade in front of her. She waves hello and cheers loudly when she sees her mom waving back at her from YKK’s float. The excitement is palpable as hundreds of people from around the country and the world gather for the 36th annual parade at this year’s Macon, Georgia Annual International Cherry Blossom Festival.

YKK employees showed their corporate pride in a float inspired by YKK’s founder, Tadao Yoshida’s “We are like a forest” philosophy. This concept outlines the idea that although trees grow separately in their own unique way, just like in a forest, we must work and grow together to create a healthy ecosystem. This idea is embedded in YKK’s culture and corporate philosophy. It is the foundation of our commitment to maintain environmentally- friendly manufacturing. It is also in the way we do business with our clients and solidify relationships within our communities.

YKK’s relationship with Macon’s Cherry Blossom festival goes beyond a corporate sponsorship. The city of Macon represents an important piece of YKK’s history being the city where YKK built its first manufacturing plant in the USA. In 1972, YKK Corporation purchased 54 acres in Ocmulgee Park in Macon, Georgia to build its National Manufacturing Center, which opened in 1974. Today, YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. occupies 300 acres in Macon and has become an integral member of the community of Macon.

YKK is proud to participate in such a vibrant event where culture, nature and friendship come together to bring out the best in the community.

The festival will continue throughout the month of March. To find out more about upcoming events and start planning your trip to Macon visit: https://cherryblossom.com/events/

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