YKK North and Central America Group manufactures airtight and watertight zippers used in OSHA Level A and NFPA 1991 & 1994 suits for full liquid chemical and chemical vapor protection.  Our water resistant zippers are used in OSHA Level B and NFPA 1992 suits for splash protection.  When designing Personal Protection Equiptment, select a proven YKK® PROSEAL®, AQUASEAL®, or AQUAGUARD® zipper.

YKK North and Central America Group offers varying degrees of water and air resistance zippers.  Airtight/Watertight zippers provide solutions in situations where access is needed, but also where an effective barrier between water, gases, chemicals, liquids, and/or other substances is important.  For example, compartments in shipping, aircraft, or civil engineering works, and covers over fermentation vats and water stores are excellent places for a YKK® Airtight/Watertight zipper.  Of course, survival suits, including dry suits, firefighter suits, and chemical suits are also ideal candidates for these zippers.

Q. Are your zippers NFPA or OSHA certified?
A. No, OSHA, NFPA 1991 and 1994 do not require component testing.
Q. What pressure will your zippers hold?
A. The pressure level of the zipper depends on the tape material, but all tapes are above the pressure requirement of encapsulated suits.