The YKK Group Grows with Local Communities

Community Service

Ever since YKK’s founding, the pillar of all YKK Group business activities has been the CYCLE OF GOODNESS® philosophy, which embodies our belief that no one prospers without rendering benefit to others. We believe that the value of our existence as a company will be confirmed by the benefits we share with society, and as such do not take our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen lightly. All of our companies support their local communities in a variety of ways.

At YKK, we believe an enterprise is an important member of society, and as such, it must coexist with other elements of society. Its value will be recognized by the benefits it shares with society. Tadao Yoshida, YKK’s founder, carefully considered this need for mutual prosperity as he planned his business endeavors. He determined that contributions to society could best be achieved by the continual creation of value through innovative ideas and inventions.

Here are some ways that YKK is contributing to communities around the world.

Contributing to Local Communities through Business and Social Activities

The YKK Group supports local development through business activities tailored to the characteristics of each region and, as a member of those communities, contributes to solving local problems.

Information on the main undertakings in each region are set forth in This is YKK (Integrated Report).

YKK Group Tree Planting Day

The YKK Group has established YKK Group Tree Planting Day on June 5 in conjunction with World Environment Day.

Being a Good Corporate Citizen of Japan

Stakeholder Dialogues

The YKK Group has hosted Stakeholder Dialogues annually since 2010 to provide a forum for the exchange of opinions.

YKK Center Park

As a corporate citizen and member of the community of Kurobe in Toyama Prefecture, Japan, the YKK Group wants to share its dreams and aspirations and move forward alongside the community. Thus, we created the YKK Center Park in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Group’s foundation. The park is a site where people can gather in wide open green spaces, learn from nature, and enjoy themselves all while getting to know YKK.

Click here to check out our official YKK Center Park website.

Working with the Community

Aside from our business activities, and based on our Cycle of Goodness philosophy, YKK has been assisting our many local communities in the areas of education and community activities.
One example is our international exchange program. To be a good corporate citizen and to be continuously admired by our communities and society, YKK will continue to diligently support activities that contribute to cultural growth.

YKK has been the sponsor of the “JAPAN U-12 FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP” since 1980.
This championship has produced many professional soccer players in the J League.

The printing company YKK Rokko Corporation was founded on the philosophy of helping those with severe disabilities find gainful employment.

Sister City Relationships

For more information on the sister city relationships we fostered between Macon, Georgia and Kurobe, Toyama Prefecture, Japan and Dublin, Georgia and Osaki, Japan, click here.