This buckle is made with a high-grade polyacetal combined with YKK’s unique design to dramatically increase its strength and durability against impact.
It resists water absorption often caused by high humidity.
Its properties are stable under extreme temperatures such as cold mountain top air and desert heat.


Shockonloc™ Tough Buckle series

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Size 20 LB20WG -3/4"
25 LB25WG - 1"
38 LB38WG -1.5"
50 LB50WG - 2"

Our plastic notions and buckles should be used in appropriate applications.
If you have any concerns regarding safety, laws and regulations related to the use of YKK’s plastic notions and buckles in personal flotation devices (PFD), baby carriers (baby sling) etc., please contact a YKK sales representative.

Plug: T-POM
Socket: T-POM
Durability High Strength