Our AiryString® tapeless zipper allows you to sew elements directly to the fabric. It creates a sense of unity between the zipper and the fabric, and offers customers unprecedented design possibilities for their products. The elimination of tape contributes to the weight reduction of the final product and that makes it easier to match with all kinds of fabrics.

It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption during production compared to the standard zippers. 100% recycled materials AiryString® zipper chain is also available.

Unlike ordinary zippers, each part of this item is supplied by YKK and requires a special sewing machine. The schedule for adopting AiryString® zipper is for YKK to work together with the customer from the sewing prototype, to the introduction of the special sewing machine, to starting operations.

*Eco-friendly AiryString® zipper will be registered with NATULON Plus®.

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