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Designed for demanding conditions


YKK Americas Group manufactures zippers, webbing, buckles, snaps and buttons, and hook & loop for any tactical application. Our fastening solutions can be found on backpacks, gear bags, holster brands, body armor, and gun bags. Our durable, all-terrain fasteners keep up with the demands of law enforcement and military missions, keeping your gear dry, packs closed, and body armor in place.

Tactical Catalogs

Fire- and Heat- Resistant Buckle and Adjuster

Anti-Slip Dual Buckle


YKK® Berry Amendment Compliant Products

YKK® Tactical Uniform and Marine Snaps and Buttons Catalog

Tactical Products

Find the best product for your tactical application.


Are your products NAFTA or Berry Compliant?

Many of our products are made in our factory in Macon, Georgia and meet NAFTA/CAFTA requirements. We also manufacture many of our products to be Berry Compliant for US Military use. Please inquire about specific YKK® products if NAFTA, CAFTA, or Berry Compliance is required.

Do your zippers meet the Commercial Item Description AA5536A?

Yes, all of our zippers meet CID AA5536A for military applications.