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Designed for light and heavy industry


From pool covers to fishing nets, YKK Americas Group has many fastening solutions for industrial applications.  YKK’s large size zippers offer high strength and durability in a closure.  Our high strength buckles also are available to hold down just about anything.

YKK offers varying degrees of water and air resistance zippers.  Airtight/Watertight zippers provide solutions in situations where access is needed, but also where an effective barrier between water, gases, chemicals, liquids, and/or other substances is important.  For example, compartments in shipping, aircraft, or civil engineering works, and covers over fermentation vats and water stores are excellent places for a YKK® Airtight/Watertight zipper.  Of course, survival suits, including dry suits, firefighter suits, and chemical suits are also ideal candidates for these zippers.

Industrial Products

Find the best product for your industrial application.


What is the best method for attaching airtight/watertight zippers?

Below are the methods typically used to install our PU/PVC style zipper:

  1. RF Welding
  2. Heat Welding
  3. Sewing and seam sealing

CR style zippers are typically glued to Neoprene materials.

Please contact YKK so we can help you determine the best installation method for your application.