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Ensuring protection in snow, sea, and space


YKK Americas Group manufactures airtight and watertight zippers for dive suits, waterproof shoes, survival suits and space suits. Our zippers are watertight, keeping you safe and dry in extreme situations. Our PROSEAL® zippers are UL certified for use in SOLAS suit applications. We are the global leader in keeping closures dry and airtight. Our zippers used in personal flotation devices (“PFDs”) are UL certified to meet the US Coast Guard regulations.

YKK offers varying degrees of water and air resistance zippers. YKK® Airtight/Watertight zippers provide solutions in situations where access is needed, but also where an effective barrier between water, gases, chemicals, liquids, and/or other substances is important. For example, compartments in shipping, aircraft, or civil engineering works, and covers over fermentation vats and water stores are excellent places for a YKK® Airtight/Watertight zipper. Of course, survival suits, including dry suits, firefighter suits, and chemical suits are also ideal candidates for these zippers.

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PROSEAL® Air/Water tight zipper

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Are your zippers UL certified?

Yes, our PROSEAL® watertight zippers are UL certified for use in SOLAS suits, and our VISLON® molded tooth zippers are UL certified for use in PFDs.

What material is used to make the watertight zipper?

We manufacture our #8 TZ PROSEAL® zipper from polyurethane, chloroprene (neoprene), and PVC.

How do I store my watertight zipper?

The PROSEAL® zipper should be rinsed with clean water and stored with the zipper partially open.

How do I apply lubricant to the zipper?

1. Open zipper to reveal w-seal
2. Apply a small amount of lubricant to w-seal only. Do not use excessive amounts
3. Flip over zipper and lubricate the back in the same areas

Do Not lubricate on the zipper teeth!
Keep out of reach of children!