Patient Use

YKK North and Central America Group manufactures hook & loop fastening products and injection molded plastic parts for a wide range of medical products.  Our continuous molded POWERHOOK® fastener product comes in a variety of hook profiles and materials that have been specifically engineered for disposable and durable medical products such as  blood pressure cuffs, DVT’s, compression devices, sleep apnea headgear, catheter/tracheotomy straps, fetal monitor belts and other surgical uses.  Combine these materials with our full range of fabricated straps, die-cuts and customized components for a unique value added solution.  Furthermore, our extensive line of plastic fastening products provides you with additional closure options.  Still looking for something different?  Contact us and let our engineers custom design a product to meet your unique fastening requirements.

Q. Why does YKK's POWERHOOK® fastener have various hook profiles?
A. Because different hook profiles can change the strength to meet a customer's requirements and also can adjust the product cost by changing the material.
Q. What types of loops does YKK offer?
A. YKK has a wide variety of woven and knit loops for durable and disposable applications.
Q. What other features are available in YKK's Powerhook Products?
A. YKK offers a unique, customized logo process to help our customers differentiate their products.
Q. Is YKK's POWERHOOK® fastener available in color?
A. We can produce YKK's POWERHOOK® fastener in color with a minimum order quantity. Please contact us for more information.