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YKK’s Product Preview for the IFAI Expo 2017

September 22, 2017
Author: YKK
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YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. and Tape Craft Corporation will be exhibiting at booth # 2129 at the  IFAI (Industrial Fabrics Association International) Expo in New Orleans from Sep. 27 – Sep. 29.  YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. and Tape Craft Corporation are a part of the Show Stopper program featuring innovative YKK® and Tape Craft® brand products.

YKK’s  #10 size Berry compliant AQUASEAL® zipper is a flexible and lightweight watertight/airtight zipper.  By incorporating YKK’s plastic tooth VISLON® technology with a polyurethane tape to form a seal between the zipper elements, this zipper helps keep your gear dry.  Both the high compression VISLON® tooth and polyurethane tape seal result in a fastener that can withstand 0.3 bars (4.35 psi) of pressure.  The zipper makes use of sealed top and bottom stops to form a complete water tight closure suitable for everything from chem-bio suits and marine applications to surface suits and dry packs.

YKK’s special stainless steel slider has a high resistance to corrosion from salt water.  Both the open top and separating version of the AQUASEAL® zipper come with seals on both ends.   The stainless steel slider is only available in a non-lock configuration.  To ensure quality assurance, the individual AQUASEAL® zipper is tested air tightness. This zipper is nearly half the weight of metal zippers, and its flexible, light weight design allows for easy packing of marine gear and chem-bio suits.

YKK’s Insert Supporting Slider Cover is an innovative product that has a larger opening to support inserting a slider into a zipper pin.  It consists of a top and bottom plastic part that is available for a #5 size YKK® coil open-ended zipper with either an automatic or non-lock slider.  A slider pull must be smaller than the top cover hole in order for it to be inserted through the hole.  This product is available in 24 colors. YKK’s Insert Supporting Slider Cover solves the problem that small children and senior adults have with zipping up a zipper.  It is ideal for many applications including medical, children’s apparel, uniforms, flight suits and reusable protective wear.  It is not recommended for use by small children under the age of 3 as it can be a choking hazard.

Tape Craft’s energy absorbing tool tether is an innovative, patented tool tether has both a strength member (nylon or polyester tube) and an energy absorbing member (POY) that are woven together simultaneously into a one piece webbing.  This tool tether extends up to 56.5” long, and it is rated for 15 lbs.  The tether can be designed to be fire retardant and resistant to chemical exposure.  It can also have a working load limit, maximum arrest force mitigation and an extension.

While workers are required to wear fall protection equipment including harnesses, lanyards, and anchor devices when working 6’ or more off of the ground, there are no current regulations requiring that the same type of equipment should be used for their belongings.  With Tape Craft’s energy absorbing tool tether, serious injury and property damage caused by a tool falling can be prevented.

To learn more about YKK® and Tape Craft® brand products, visit our booth #2129 at IFAI Expo!