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YKK North and Central America Group- 2018 Core Values Awards winners

July 10, 2018
Author: YKK
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We challenged the 2018 Core Values Awards winners to share what YKK’s Core Values mean to them in six words. The responses have been truly inspirational and showcase how these individuals embrace YKK’s Core Values and Fundamental Behaviors on a daily basis.

  • Leonardo Lozano is the Health and Safety Supervisor at YKK Mexicana S.A. DE C.V. He believes that kindness and understanding are necessary when working as a team.
  • Sandra Woolley is the Legal Administrator at YKK Corporation of America. She is also a member of YKK ‘s Environmental Compliance Committee (ECC). Sandra was nominated for the Core Values Awards for her outstanding work and dedication with the committee and for always going the extra mile to ensure quality.
  • Tim Phillips is Director of Manufacturing at Tape Craft Corporation, a subsidiary of YKK Corporation of America. He was nominated for YKK’s Core Values Award for always doing the right thing and for his commitment to his job and for being a champion of his employees working safely.
  • Angie Vitale is Assistant Accounting Manager for YKK Canada. She was nominated for YKK’s Core Values Award for being willing to accept new tasks and for her attention to detail and accuracy in financial reporting.
  • Barry Wampler is branch manager of the YKK AP America Inc. Orlando branch. He was nominated for YKK’s Core Values Award for being fair to his company, customers and employees and for having an open door policy.
  • Art Rivas is a senior account manager for YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. Snap and Button Products. He manages YKK’s Levi’s account, and he was nominated for always being accessible and taking care of any issues that arise from start to finish.
  • Dana Thomas is the production supervisor at the YKK AP America Inc. vinyl windows plant in Macon, Georgia. He was nominated for YKK’s Core Values Award for always being willing to go the extra mile even on weekends and for coaching his employees.
  • Santos Rosales, accounting assistant at YKK Honduras S.A. He shares that YKK’s Core Values motivate him to be a better person and a better employee. Santos believes doing the right thing always helps set an example with his peers and within his community.
  • Daniel Carter is a technical engineer at YKK USA’s National Manufacturing Center in Macon, Georgia.  He was nominated for YKK’s Core Values Award for teaching the importance of quality to others and for building trust by being transparent with everyone.
  • Marco Baratta, human resources manager & compliance officer at YKK El Salvador S.A. DE C.V. Marco believes that effective leadership is attained when employees are allowed to learn and grow. He says, “YKK’s Core Values have taught me that the most important value you can give to others is the opportunity to grow. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the highest form of leadership.
  • Benjamin Banda is the YKK Core Values Award winner from YKK Snap Fasteners Manufactura Mexico S.A. de C.V. His peers describe him as someone who is not afraid of challenges and who demonstrates excellent leadership skills. Benjamin believes that showing respect and always having a positive attitude are keys to succeed in the workplace. He wants to prove that honesty is the key to success.
  • Patricia Gonzalez works at YKK Colombia S.A.S. She was nominated for the Core Values Award for demonstrating an excellent work ethic. Patricia shares that YKK’s Core Values are extremely important to her, and she tries to put them into practice every single day at work and at home with her family.