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YKK Fundamental Behavior #6 – Lead By Example

July 25, 2022
Author: YKK
Fundamental Behaviors

YKK Fundamental Behavior #6 - Lead By ExampleIf we stop to think for a moment, we will realize that at various stages of our lives we have had someone to inspire us or who has influenced us in some way. It is part of human nature to observe and evaluate the environment in order to develop, so that the risks are minimized and this development is as healthy as possible. We need examples that have worked to reduce the chances of failure.

Conceptually, to be the example is to be what can or should be imitated, a model. From this fundamental insight, we know that there are many people around us every day. Whether it is in the professional environment, in our home, or in community, they see us and in some way every action we take and every word we speak can have a good or bad effect in their eyes.

I have been influenced by some people in my professional life, and in 25 years working at YKK I have had the great satisfaction of being able to learn from the example of excellent professionals. They probably could not imagine the impact that their actions could have on my journey here. I believe that this is the great key of being an example: Producing in people a potentiating effect of good practices and excellent results.

We need to commit to our actions so that they always bring a positive impact on the environment in which they are applied. Every detail is fundamental. Each action will reflect an image of yourself. Good intentions have no effect if good practices are not the result. Telling people what they should do has less relevance than words coming to life in the actions of the person who is saying them. People want to see in you the result of what you think. That’s why “leading by example” will always be a challenge.

Being the example does not depend on the job you hold, the position in your department or unit you work in; it is something that is beyond that. Once, coming to work, I noticed that the gardener was looking carefully at the alignment of the pruning of the garden, so I asked him why he was so committed to the alignment of the pruning. He, smiling, told me that he wanted people to look at the garden and like what they were seeing, and if they did, he would be very happy knowing that he did a good job. He had no idea that he would be setting an example for me at that moment and that I would begin to apply this concept in my work.

It is not enough to be good at what we do. We need to inspire people to always do their best. Teach, guide, lead by example, and make your work environment an inspiring place with excellent results.

Italo do Nascimento Silva
Mechanical Technician I
Yoshida Nordeste – Brasil