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YKK Fundamental Behavior 4 – Make Quality Personal

January 20, 2023
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YKK Fundamental Behavior 4 - Make Quality Personal - Donna Kitchens

When we think of quality, we typically think of something that we can touch such as a car or a piece of furniture. Quality does not just relate to tangible items but also relates to services. When we have a medical problem, we expect the nurses and doctors to help us get better and to treat us with respect. When we stay at a hotel, we expect the room to be clean and to have an adequate number of linens. Even when we are at a fast-food restaurant such as McDonalds, we expect a certain level of service. The food should be what we ordered, and the staff should be pleasant at the very least. I was recently in Wendy’s eating with my husband and elderly mother-in-law. Even though I was there to assist my mother-in-law, the man behind the counter came out to help her. In a brief conversation with my husband, the man made it clear that he was proud of his work.

As part of the accounting department, I provide a service. Others expect me to have the answers or point them to someone who does and many of our communications are in the form of email. I admit that I am not a good writer, so I agonize over any written communications. I will write, edit, and even rewrite an email, especially if I am trying to explain something. Part of my job is to guide others in proper accounting procedures, so it is important that my message is clear and that there are no misunderstandings. In addition to answering any questions, I try to anticipate further questions. This is in order for our general ledger to be accurate and to provide financial data that is useful for decision making.

Poor quality can quickly get our attention whether it is poor service or a poorly made product. Poor quality is certainly personal when we are on the receiving end so if I expect quality from others, why shouldn’t I be expected to provide the same!

Donna Kitchens
Dublin, Georgia