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YKK Fundamental Behavior #3- Protect the Environment

July 6, 2022
Author: YKK
Fundamental Behaviors

To take care of our impact on the environment is to take care of humanity. In order to understand that when we take care of the environment, we are also taking care of the living beings of this planet, it helps to have a conscience idea of how to implement practices that help to take care of the environment. In this sense we are not only taking care of people but all living beings that inhabit the planet as well. That is why protecting the environment is our highest priority and it is the reason to have practices that lead us to care for the environment.

In April we had a groundbreaking ceremony for the solar energy project that consists of installing 2,544 solar panels. This will reduce CO2 emissions by 469 tons per year and greenhouse gases by 50%. In addition, YMEX is investing in an additional water treatment system that will recycle up to 60% of the water used at YMEX. This will reduce water usage by 39,820 cubic meters per year, thus demonstrating the importance of the environment. YMEX recently launched its Eco-Friendly Collection, which includes the NATULON® zipper made of recycled plastic bottles diverted from the ocean. There is also the range of buttons and rivets in Eco Friendly finishes which seek natural oxidation for their finishes, thus avoiding the process known as galvanization, saving energy and water and also eliminating hazardous chemicals. With actions like these, YKK’s dedication to protect the environment is paramount. When we let our customers know the actions we take as a company, not only does it show the importance for YKK to take care of the environment, but we are also raising awareness of the importance for all humankind to take care of the environment.

Similarly, being aware of this priority leads us to take action at home with our families and in general in daily life. At home we have different bins for garbage, organic waste, inorganic waste, plastic, and cans as well. This way they are recyclable. We save energy with energy saving light bulbs and solar heaters, and we also collect rainwater to reuse it for irrigation and other uses that do not require purified water. Turning off lights when they are not in use and disconnecting electrical appliances is also applicable in the office. But the important thing is to understand why we take these actions: so we show that we constantly remember that protecting the environment is our priority.

Armando Jimenez Sanchez
Sales Manager S&B
YKK Mexicana S.A. de C.V.