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YKK Fundamental Behavior #25 – Be Positive

June 17, 2022
Author: YKK
Fundamental Behaviors


Our daily routine can be stressful, but always try to look at life in a simple way. You have the opportunity to start over, day after day, especially during these last two years (the Covid 19 pandemic). Always remember what motivates you, what makes you wake up and go after your goals, what makes you happy. Always be kind to the people around you and to the ones who are not around you too. Have empathy; you never know what they are going through. You can never have too much kindness and gentle answers. Whatever you do, try to do it with care, even if it is something you may not like so much. Things done with care have a positive return. Have positive feedback in your life; we receive what we send out, life is an echo, and it is never too late to start being a better and more positive person.

How about starting the week thinking differently? Sometimes we are discouraged, upset, or unmotivated, which is normal, because we don’t always wake up completely happy. The important thing is not to let negativity dominate our minds, and to always be clear with ourselves that things are going to be okay. The best thing you can do when faced with a bad situation is to absorb everything it is teaching you and be grateful for the opportunity to make a mistake, try again, and start over. There is always learning behind any situation. In the future it will become clear how important it was for you to go through it.

Our daily work routine is always challenging and we should always be positive, believe in our abilities, have determination and commitment. Consequently we will achieve our results. Help your colleague so that he also achieves his results and consequently we will have a more pleasant work and life environment that is always achieving positive results.

By implementing strategies that aim to improve the corporate environment and make it more pleasant for everyone, you are also impacting the productivity, motivation, and engagement of all employees. Be assured that the happier and more satisfied you are with your daily work, the better your deliveries and results will be. All employees need to feel comfortable to be who they are without fear of any kind of judgment.

I dedicate myself daily in a positive way in the company and in life, always believing that results will be achieved. Be positive—success depends on us.

Cleiton Soares Araújo
Regional Manager Fastening
Yoshida Nordeste S/A Indústria e Comércio