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YKK Fundamental Behavior 25 – Be Positive

December 9, 2022
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Be positive

I choose to be positive.

In our daily lives, whether professional or personal, we face many challenges that require us to make big effort, sometimes immense. By adopting a positive attitude towards our daily challenges, we will be able to face them in a more encouraging way and really look for the solution.

I believe that being positive is one of the great bases among the fundamental behaviors. It is by being positive that we will have the engine that drives us to take actions in our daily activities.

Life will always present itself in a varied way, and we can react to these stimuluses in different ways. Honestly, I don’t think there is only one way to face life. But there is, yes, a way to face life saving yourself from a greater wear and tear. And that way is being positive.

Living in Canada for seven years (six years working for YKK Canada), I can say that I have had to face many interesting challenges. In the middle of the pandemic, there was a period when we could not travel outside our province. So, during my summer holidays, I decided to travel to a region in the province of Quebec called Gaspésie, on the Atlantic coast. It is like 1,000 km from Montreal. In the beautiful night sky of Gaspésie, facing the ocean, it was possible to stargaze the NEOWISE comet. Can you believe that I couldn’t even take a single picture of the comet, even with a brand new camera and my photography experience? Well, my experience was not with a new camera. It was disappointing.

But from a positive perspective, I decided I should get better at night photography and pursue a grander goal. Northern Lights. However, a complicated factor is, despite being far north of the planet (Montreal is at 45º north latitude), it’s still not enough to have northern lights over our heads. At most, at the horizon. And more, northern lights in the region where I live are really unpredictable.

I studied a lot of astronomy, night photography techniques, and I studied the relief of the region to find good spots and tried a lot (really a lot!) in the field.

It was 2 years of much insistence and learning. It was 2 years of trying and failing. Many times, under sub-zero temperatures. But without ever losing hope.

And I did it! Last September 3rd I was rewarded with northern lights that started exactly 10 minutes after I installed my camera on the tripod. And it lasted 1 hour! It was my redemption.

Being positive gives you strength, hope, vision, and persistence. It’s the fuel we need to make things happen.

So, choose to be positive.

Link to the timelapse I created from the pictures (https://youtu.be/gWdnAuDW5-E)

Kazuo Seo
Process Developer
YKK Canada