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YKK Fundamental Behavior #24- Be an Ambassador

June 8, 2022
Author: YKK
Fundamental Behaviors

The messages and life examples that our colleagues have shared with us in the past about how to be good ambassadors, about our brand, about what our company means and the enhancement of our principles and values that we have as a YKK group are very valuable. The honesty of my colleagues, in not pretending that nothing was wrong at the time of their challenges and in sincerely detailing how they have learned and adopted for themselves the culture of good principles, humanize and give even more credibility to their reflections. Truly for me they are ambassadors and they represent me. I learned, just as they did, that no one is perfect; however, despite our imperfections I believe and have faith that each one of us wants to live life in the best way possible, quietly in harmony, without harming anyone and wanting everyone in our environment to progress together.

It is of no use for one person in a boat to have great rowing ability and strength if another person is left behind and it is difficult for them to row, since they are in the same boat as a group and each one has an individual oar. What would happen in such a situation is that they would not be able to move forward, they would just go round and round in a circle. Our progress is strengthened by the group, not individually. One cannot do the work of all. We all depend on each other, and each task or function in which we participate is key. There is no task less important; if one of them is missing, whatever it may be, the body as a whole is weakened. We are the smallest unit in the world and from our own experience we have learned how important each one’s function is.

So too is the value of being an ambassador of our company. We depend on everyone, one person alone is not enough no matter how much effort is made individually. The invitation is for all of us to contribute from our own spheres of domain, positions or functions that have been granted to us. A colleague reminded us, “But remember, they can also be negative if we are observed doing something that is considered negative. Some examples can be anger, improper disposal of garbage, and even negative conversations.”

If we only believe or let our company’s salespeople be the only ambassadors of our brand, we would run the risk of also just going around in circles. There is another aspect that I feel is part of being an ambassador and is linked to the daily work that each and every one of us do. If we are careful and do our work in the best possible way and with neatness, even if we are not present at the exact moment of the delivery of our products or services or when visiting another organization, our work will speak for itself. Remembering that if at any time there is a non-conforming product or an error in any of our actions, they will not speak ill of just one person, but of the whole group.

Alvaro Calfuleo
Head of Administration and Finance