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YKK Fundamental Behavior #23- Give Back

June 1, 2022
Author: YKK
Fundamental Behaviors

Fundamental Behavior #23- Give Back

Childhood is a wonderful stage in the life of a human being: we learn many things, share affection and have experiences that help us to face life in adulthood.

It is also the time when our children gain self-confidence, learn to build their own ideas about responsibility, order, cleanliness, discipline, punctuality, respect for themselves and others, as well as, from the earliest years, to make decisions. In this way, little by little, the values that are being learned become evident.

Values are the principles that guide the lives of all people and help us decide between what is right and what is wrong; that is, they influence our way of thinking, our feelings and the things we do. Values are learned from our childhood, with the example of the people around us, especially our parents; that is why it is important that the values we teach our children are the ones that best help them to live healthy and harmoniously with the people around them in their family and community. The most known and taught values are: respect, justice, responsibility, freedom, equality, empathy, honesty and integrity, commitment and tolerance among many others.

On this occasion, I want to invite you to reinforce with the children we have in our families and those close to us Fundamental Behavior 23, which is GIVE BACK. Just as our parents, without knowing this meaning, sowed a seed, trusting that with the best care, attention and work, we would be a tree that bears the best fruit, in the same way, let’s make sure that it grows and replicates so that the great fundamental behavior for each of our lives is not lost.

Throughout my life I can say that I have practiced this value and I reflect; I reap the fruits sown. I have always loved to help others and give what I have without expecting anything in return, and I see that it is worthwhile and it is gratifying to know that people recognize me and follow me with enthusiasm, credibility and in a way I can say that it is thanks to this word that had no meaning for me until 7 years ago: GIVE BACK.

Diana Patricia Moncada Marin
SGI Director