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YKK Fundamental Behavior #22- Take Pride in our Appearance

May 26, 2022
Author: YKK
Fundamental Behaviors

YKK Fundamental Behavior #22- Take Pride in our Appearance

When we hear “Take pride in our appearance,” the first thing we think about is our personal appearance and that’s right. Our personal appearance is very important because through it we can make others recognize what we want to imply. Do you want to look like a professional? You have to dress like a professional.

Clothing, grooming, and body posture is the first non-verbal communication, which can open or close many doors. However,  your appearance is not only personal, it goes far beyond. A professional appearance is an even more important area and we must put more detail into it.

In recent years, as a result of the pandemic, the way of doing business has taken a major turn. Business meetings, whether in our workplaces or with clients, were limited to emails, phone calls, and video calls, and appearance began to be less professional. Actions such as sending an email correctly, including the greeting, punctuation marks, good spelling and writing, attention to detail, correct and unambiguous information, etc. make the person who receives them form a good impression. This person manages to trust your information. What would happen if you send an email and minutes later send a correction? And then send another one apologizing for not having sent the correct information from the beginning? Or what if a seller offers a service or product under a condition and when the proposal is accepted, they are informed that the information presented was not correct, or that conditions were missing? This generates distrust among customers and that trust is unlikely to return. The perception of your quality as a professional is affected.

We must show concordance between personal and work appearance, and we must work to show our personality, values, and principles.  Let’s apply every day good manners and greetings, work with encouragement, keep our workplaces clean and tidy, have a good attitude, and express positive energy. Having good relationships with colleagues will make your appearance an example to follow and others will try to imitate you. This will make us feel proud of our appearance.

Claudett Machado
Customer Service Manager
YKK El Salvador