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YKK Fundamental Behavior 22 – Take Pride in Our Appearance

November 17, 2022
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Take pride in our appearance

Here are two quotes that come to mind when I think of this week’s Fundamental Behavior:

“Dress for the job you want not the job you have, and you have to start doing the work you want to be doing” -Austin Kleon

“If you take your appearance seriously, people will take you seriously (provided your behavior matches).”-Forbes article

It is common knowledge that first impressions are everything. It is important to show up as your best self every day to accomplish your goals. In our house, my husband and I instill goal-oriented values in our kids every day. I am not sure how well they are soaking it in at their young ages, but only consistency and time will tell. Your appearance is more than just the clothes you’re wearing; it is your posture, your attitude, and the cleanliness of your work area.

Every morning our kids make their beds. Of course, in the beginning there was some moaning and groaning from the kids but then we explained the idea behind it. By making your bed every morning you set the intention for your day.

William H. McRaven, retired Navy four-star admiral and former chancellor of The University of Texas System, wrote a book titled Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life… And Maybe the World. McRaven extols the idea that making your bed in the morning sets you up for success. His theory is that just by making your bed, you’ve accomplished at least that one thing. So, the simple act of tidying up your covers lets you begin your morning with a small success that, the theory goes, will encourage many more throughout the day.

I believe this is also true with your workspace. By cleaning your area and making sure everything is tidy and put in its place before you leave work, you will be met with a clean and orderly workspace instead of an area that imparts feelings of stress and frustration when you return to work.

Taking pride in our appearance goes much deeper than just the outfits we choose to wear. It has just as much to do with the attitude you choose to put on. Unfortunately, humans are prone to the negativity bias. This means we are more likely to remember negative events over positive events. To overcome this psychological phenomenon, we must train our brains to look for the positives in our day. I read an article that suggested to incorporate a gratitude list in your morning routine. By focusing on things that you are grateful for in your life you will start your day with a positive attitude, and this will have a huge impact on your outlook for the day.

Darren Hardy wrote a book titled The Compound Effect. It is the idea that small seemingly insignificant actions can lead to huge results over time. You don’t need to do anything dramatic or drastic to achieve your goals. Make a few small changes every day and see the radical difference. Making the choice to be 1% better than you were yesterday can have a huge effect over a period of time. I try to spend more time looking at the positives around me than the negatives, to evaluate how my day went so I know what to focus on tomorrow and remember that every huge single success is made up of a whole bunch of very small wise choices.

John C. Maxwell recently posted the following caption his Instagram that said “At the end of every day, ask yourself three questions:

What did I learn today?

How did I grow today?

What will I do differently tomorrow?

Always remember that there are no mistakes if you have learned something in the process.”

Because your appearance is more than your clothes, it is also the attitude you project into the world and how you choose to interact with those around you. By taking pride in our appearance, we are setting a great example for our children, making the choice to have a positive attitude, and striving to grow and learn every day.

I will leave you with two quotes from The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy:

“Since your outcomes are all a result of your moment-to-moment choices. Step by step, day by day, your choices will shape your actions until they become habits, where practice makes them permanent. “

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.”

Brittany Howard
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