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YKK Fundamental Behavior 21 – Be a lifelong learner

November 11, 2022
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YKK Fundamental Behavior 21 - Be a lifelong learner - Mary Luz Morales Gil

From the moment of our conception and even without being fully conscious, the adventure of learning begins. In our first years of life that learning is a latent need to survive. However, as the years go by and we become adults, we may think that it is no longer necessary to continue acquiring new knowledge, that we already know everything we should know. How wrong we can be to think this!

Knowledge makes us grow, opens doors and gives us countless opportunities to be better and help others to be better too. When we decide not to be satisfied and on the contrary we are restless to learn, to build, to train ourselves, we live fully because we are always alert and in search of new experiences and opportunities.

This is how we develop in YKK COLOMBIA – always with the doors open to obtain new knowledge, to enhance our ideas, to seek to improve and perfect our skills, always with the possibility and support to overcome the fear that can cause start something completely new and to share with others what we have learned.

In writing about this behavior I have the immense opportunity to talk about my experience working in a company like YKK COLOMBIA. In the 15 years that I have been working for this company I have been fortunate because I have had countless opportunities to learn, to grow, to teach. I have felt completely supported when I have made mistakes and therefore motivated to continue in the quest to be better every day.

That is why we cannot let opportunities pass us by. We must ask as many times as necessary. Let’s not allow fear to overcome us, let’s surround ourselves with good people who encourage us positively and thus become lifelong learners.

Mary Luz Morales Gil
Production Director