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YKK Fundamental Behavior #20- Pay Attention to the Details

May 12, 2022
Author: YKK
Fundamental Behaviors

YKK Fundamental Behavior #20- Pay Attention to the Details



Details, even if they seem small, are very important.  Many of the mistakes we make are due to lack of attention.

Paying attention to detail has been a fundamental part of my training and performance. For example, in mathematics, an error in a sign causes you not to reach the correct solution of an equation. In programming, a syntax error, as small as a semicolon or comma, causes the program not to run. When composing an email, spelling errors can change the context of the message or can affect the image the recipient has of you (it says a lot about if you paid attention to detail).

Within production planning, omitting a detail or not considering the complete processing time of an item (for example, painting, manual assembly or external process) can drastically affect the commitment date we give to the customer service representative, which causes us to look bad and lose credibility with the client.

When preparing the monthly production reports, I check the information before sending it since other departments use this data to make other reports. A mistake could cause a ‘snowball’ effect.  I’m not saying I don’t make mistakes; of course I’ve made them, but I analyze where I went wrong, take notes, and pay more attention the next time.

The best example of taking care of the details is given to us by our customers: they look for the best quality in their designs, fabrics, and other elements that make their product, but they know that if the zipper or button fails, the garment loses all its value. That’s why they put their trust in YKK.

This fundamental behavior does not only apply in the workplace. In our daily lives, a smile, a greeting, saying good morning, please, thank you and being kind, are small details that make a big difference.

I invite you to every time you perform an activity, whether inside or outside of work, to put all of your attention and review every detail. You will realize that the quality of the result will improve significantly.

Nora Sanchez
Planning Manager & Operations Analyst