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YKK Fundamental Behavior 2 – Be Vigilant About Safety

January 6, 2023
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YKK Fundamental Behavior 2 - Be vigilant about safety - Luis Carlos Gonzalez Tabares

Writing about this behavior is ideal for me, thinking about my role within the organization.

We are all responsible for safety in our lives and mainly in our organization. We are continuously exposed to all kinds of risks from different areas, and these risks can be in the most everyday of our activities (sitting properly, an electrical connection, the environment of our companies) to the most complex tasks (operating machinery, working at heights, driving vehicles, transporting goods). Being vigilant about safety is essential to prevent these risks from materializing and ending up as accidents for people or damage to the organization.

Our organization is a world reference of quality, and to achieve these standards it has been necessary to invest human and technical resources in safety. At YKK Colombia, all employees are alert and constantly report possible risks. Our technical support and occupational health and safety team is constantly training us and improving our facilities to minimize risks.

COVID-19 provides us with an important lesson that we are learning and that puts this fundamental behavior into practice. The changes we have made in companies and our homes and the way safety has become relevant have generated the need to transform processes and procedures to make our work as safe as possible.

I am vigilant about security in each of my tasks within the organization, validating the processes, updating myself and giving feedback to the people in the audited areas. On a personal level, one of my passions is motorcycles. Before starting a trip, I make a small technical check list, check the state of the road, check the weather and then drive safely.

Today I want to leave you with two challenges: the first is to keep thinking about how you can make your places safer for your family, co-workers, customers and suppliers; and the second is from your role within the organization, how to make processes less vulnerable, more secure, and able to cope with constant changes in security.

Luis Carlos Gonzalez Tabares
YKK Colombia
Internal Auditor