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YKK Fundamental Behavior 19- Be Proactive

May 4, 2022
Author: YKK
Fundamental Behaviors

Being proactive is a quality that some people have and that is very beneficial in many aspects of life. In the workplace being proactive today is one of the qualities most valued by recruiters, and a proactive person can bring numerous benefits to any company. Although it may be something innate, proactivity can also be learned and encouraged and certainly helps to improve the chances of finding a job. So if you want to be proactive the first thing you need to know is what proactivity is and how you can apply it in a work environment.

What is proactivity?
Proactivity can be defined as the behavior that individuals develop in certain situations and that is characterized by being anticipatory, self-initiated and change-oriented. It is therefore an attitude that people assume in order to have absolute control of their behavior in an active way.

These types of people are able to take the initiative, anticipate possible events that may occur, be responsible for what happens to them and have the ability to make decisions at any time under pressure or adverse circumstances.

Proactive people are capable of reacting to any circumstance, but in no case should this be confused with impulsivity, as they are two totally different things. A proactive individual does not complain about the amount of work or if things do not go as planned but strives to change what is going wrong to go right and this is something that companies value very positively. Proactive people help organizations to achieve constructive changes and also foster a work environment where excellence is the main protagonist.

How to be proactive at work
Proactivity is a highly valued quality in any company, so every effort should be made to achieve it. The qualities of a proactive worker are shown below:

Transforming ideas into actions.
One of the main qualities of a proactive worker is to have the ability to generate ideas and put them into practice. A proactive worker is different from a non-proactive worker because he is not afraid to carry out any idea that comes to his mind and therefore he can achieve things that other people do not achieve. He is an active worker and a self-starter.

Acting and not standing still
When faced with unforeseen or unexpected situations, the proactive worker has the ability to not get stuck and to act in a coordinated and quick way to find the solution to the problem or inconvenience that may have arisen as soon as possible. It is therefore someone who is not afraid of making decisions and does not wait for others to act to act behind.

Seeking new opportunities
A proactive worker is constantly looking for new opportunities in both work and training. It is a worker who is never satisfied with what he knows or what he does and wants to find opportunities to continue to progress continuously. It is therefore someone highly valued in any company, as this attitude also favors the company to have someone talented and eager to continuously improve.

Being result-oriented
A proactive worker is one who sets goals and does not rest until they are met, so we can say that their orientation at work is to achieve results all the time. The proactive worker loves to set challenges and achieve results and assumes it in a positive way, something that on the contrary tires and demotivates people who do not want to prosper.

Being responsible for their actions
A proactive worker will never blame others when he makes a mistake or when a wrong decision is made and will assume the consequences of his actions whatever the measures taken by the company. Therefore, he is a sincere and courageous worker who avoids lying and deceit and takes responsibility for any act for which he is directly responsible. This does not mean that he does not defend himself when he is unfairly accused of something he has not committed.

Being persistent
Proactive workers are people known for their constancy and perseverance, as they do not give up on anything and have a very well-developed work capacity. Effort and hard work are not an inconvenience but a challenge and the result to be achieved is not a simple objective but a goal and an achievement. This mentality gives the worker an illusion and a desire to do things that favors their position in the company compared to others who assume the mandates without resistance at the first change.

A proactive worker is a change-oriented worker and therefore is not afraid of challenges or changes in their work. It is a person who assumes flexibility and change as a way of life and adapts easily to any situation.

In summary…
As you can see, the characteristics and behaviors of a proactive person are very positive and companies value them as a great contribution to the growth and development of the business. Being proactive requires a change of attitude for which we are all prepared, so it is not worth giving up without trying.

Ricardo Suarez
YKK Mexicana S.A. de C.V.