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YKK Fundamental Behavior 17 – Practice Blameless Problem-Solving

April 21, 2022
Author: YKK
Fundamental Behaviors

Fundamental Behavior 17 - Practice Blameless Problem Solving

What does it mean to be blameless? Blameless is a word used to describe someone who hasn’t done anything to deserve blame. That being said, if a person is blameless, it does not mean that they are not held accountable for a mistake or error. Rather, blameless problem-solving entails working together to get to the root cause of what happened without the need to assign blame.

Every day, we act as problem solvers as we move from one task to another. We learn to identify a problem, determine its level of priority and importance, and together, move forward as a team to understand the issue and create a permanent and effective solution. In doing this, we improve our workplace environment and the success of our business.

If in the pursuit of solving problems we place blame and point fingers at each other, what do we achieve? The answer is a workplace of fear and an ineffective, nonpermanent solution. When identifying a problem, stop and ask yourself, “How can I help alleviate this situation?” instead of, “Who caused this?”. Think of how your actions and words could affect the morale and confidence level of a fellow coworker. Do you want to have a negative or positive impact on the personal and professional growth of your coworkers? It takes a lot of courage to admit to making a mistake. However, in doing so, we grow and improve.

Anthony J. D’Angelo once said, “When solving a problem, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves.”

By digging at the roots (getting to the root cause of a problem), we can effectively solve problems. By hacking at the leaves (assigning blame), we regress as an organization and as individuals.

The culture of Erie Architectural Products is one in which employees enjoy coming to work and being part of a growing team. Erie AP’s environment promotes openly sharing ways to improve and the handling of each situation with integrity and for the greater benefit of our team. So, from the perspective of an Erie AP employee, I encourage you to do your part in fostering a healthy workplace environment no matter your occupation. The best way to do this is by supporting each and every one of your coworkers with the intent of solving problems in ways that are effective and solutions oriented.

Theresa Katona
Accounting Manager
Erie Architectural Products