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YKK Fundamental Behavior 16 – Provide Meaningful Appreciation

October 7, 2022
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YKK Fundamental Behavior 16 - Provide Meaningful Appreciation - Henry Gaitan

From my point of view, this behavior is very important. In addition to taking it to the workplace, we should also take it to the family and the whole environment of our lives, our friends, neighbors, acquaintances because showing a sincere and honest appreciation contributes to a better environment at work, improves our interpersonal relationships, and motivates people to move forward.

In today’s companies one of the biggest challenges is talent retention, and there is a much simpler, direct, effective and free way: job recognition.

Recognizing the work of the professional is one of the main sources of personal and job satisfaction of the individual. Exercising it favors the feeling of satisfaction and well-being of the employees, stimulating them towards the common goal of achieving the success of the company.

Why is it important to recognize the value of good performance?

We need to be recognized from birth. It is something innate in human beings. From an early age, we evolve positively towards maturity through recognition, affection and respect. In fact, it will be the feedback we receive at an early age that reinforces us positively and favours a good self-esteem later on.

As we reach maturity, we still need recognition for our actions. We need our talent to be valued positively, whether by family, friends and, of course, at work.

Not all recognition actions include financial retribution. Nor should it be limited to the classic pats on the back or highlighting the image of the employee for 30 days. Feedback to the employee must be constructive, uplifting and intelligent.

Happier workers:

We are human and we have feelings. It is impossible for a worker not to arrive at the office charged with emotions. The same happens when the working day is over and we head home, betting on an appreciation of our effort. Happiness is contagious. Therefore, the recognition of people results in better harmony and wellbeing, favoring teamwork.

Employees will be more receptive to collaborate with their colleagues and different departments; therefore, teamwork will stop being an obligation and become the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better and catch up. In this way, each employee will give their best, in our families, by expressing our appreciation in a meaningful way, we show them our interest, give them a higher value for their effort, greater confidence, good self-esteem and encourage them to move forward.

Managers, senior managers and middle managers must understand the importance of recognition, encourage and acknowledge the good individual actions of workers will trigger a chain reaction, spreading optimism throughout the team while promoting a good working environment. At the same time, it will provoke healthy competition among colleagues, resulting in a more profitable and efficient company.

Every company must implement a culture of labor recognition. It is the key to having an active, loyal and productive workforce, driving competitiveness and innovation.

Henry Gaitan
Branch Manager