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YKK Fundamental Behavior 12 – Seek improvement in everything

September 9, 2022
Author: YKK
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YKK Fundamental Behavior 12 - Seek Improvement in Everything - Elizabeth Reyes

In my work, I always try to be a good support channel to my colleagues, whenever it is required. I always appreciate the guidance of my supervisor on how to improve and be efficient in my daily work. Here is my advice:

Write down what is needed to complete the task at hand, e.g., materials needed., condition of the machines.

Clean work areas for comfort and safety.

Reduce the list to contain only the necessary items to complete the task at hand.

Limit multi-tasking and concentrate on the task at hand and complete it is required. Minimize distractions and fully focus on the tasks being carried out.

Organize your workspace and prepare all the materials and parts that are required to complete the task.

Track down and limit the time required to complete the task to the minimum.

Embrace technology. Use whatever technologies have been developed for the tasks.

Set smart goals: specific, measurable, realistic and time bound.

Choose your colleagues wisely: the one who can help you will make your tasks easier.

Learn the principles of compounded effects. E.g., if you do the task repeatedly, knowledge adds up and the task becomes easy.

Read and learn all the information in the machinery manual that will be used to complete the tasks at hand.

Depending on the situation, develop the habit of saying no. Based on your knowledge and experience, you know what the realistic time is to complete the task.

Be proactive, not reactive. Stick to the plan that you have developed to complete the task.

Set a new time for an additional task. This help you to complete the task that has been earlier planned.

Don’t get engaged in endless discussions not related to the task at hand. Focus on result-oriented activities. Avoid needless distraction.

Elizabeth Reyes
YKK Canada
Machine operator in PF assembly