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YKK Fundamental Behavior #11 – Innovate

September 2, 2022
Author: YKK
Fundamental Behaviors

YKK Fundamental Behavior #11 - Innovate

Companies are constantly having to change due to factors such as the market, competition, having to innovate and make technological improvements, or product innovation.

Knowing how to adapt the organizational structure is essential to improving efficiency and increasing results.

However, people are the primary tool to strengthen the skills and capacity of the work team to find viable and high impact solutions.
Today the world has been affected by the pandemic and we have to reinvent the way we live our daily lives and live together in a safer and more conscious way, in order to prevent it from affecting our work and performance.

That is why I believe that innovation and teamwork is essential to having good communication between the different areas and thus be able to organize them in case of any unforeseen event and be prepared to act quickly and thus not affect our customers.

We have to innovate and make improvements because no one is safe from getting infected or having to be absent from work unexpectedly for a period of time.
I think YKK Chile is a good example, being one of the smallest subsidiaries with a very small staff, so any absence of a coworker affects our mood.

However, we have learned over time that if we work as a team, despite all the problems that may arise, if we organize ourselves, we can move forward successfully, keeping in mind that everything is for the common good.

As a leader, one must allow the members of the company to perform the tasks in the most convenient way for them. Provide the necessary time for them to develop their creativity and find optimal and innovative solutions. In addition, this will make them more productive.

Collaboration is also very important as it can strengthen working relationships. When people work together with their peers in a harmonious and collegial work environment, it provides creative thinking that allows them to find something new and unique.

Jose Leiva
Chief Operating Officer, Production