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YKK Fundamental Behavior 1 – Do the right thing, always

December 16, 2022
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When I was asked to write about this topic I was thinking about some anecdote to tell… but I didn’t find any! I don’t remember having any situation where I was in doubt about how I should act…

It seems strange but since I have been working in YKK Argentina for almost 30 years and during which I have gone through several sectors, I have always found the same working method.  The word that comes to my mind is transparency.

When I started in the accounting sector I learned that nothing is accounted for without its corresponding backup and I thought…how easy it is to work like that!!!  We can make mistakes, sure we can, but to do it wrong and to be aware of that…No, that does not happen at YKK.

In my opinion YKK is known for doing high quality work, both production and administrative tasks. Every year when we finish the annual balance sheet tasks we receive our auditors, who with a critical eye review our work.  It is a source of pride when the audit is finished because at that moment they thank us! At first I didn’t understand what they were thanking us for and then they tell me that coming to work at YKK is easy.  The papers are in order, the operations are backed up and it seems that this is not always the case in other companies and I never cease to be surprised when they congratulate us for the work we have done.  The credit goes to each and every one of us at YKK.  When we work together with the internal auditors, they often do not point out things to improve, but they have never pointed out a wrongdoing.

I was also thinking about the marginal textile market we have in Argentina… Could YKK sell in that market and have more sales…the answer is NO because our code of ethics and our philosophy do not allow us to do so. Entering that market would imply not invoicing or evading taxes and that is not even in our thinking.

When we make a mistake the important thing is always to tell the truth.  And ask for help to solve it.  It is not right to hide mistakes and it is not necessary!!!! Because everything has a solution.

Let’s always keep in mind the YKK philosophy, the Cycle of Goodness, and the code of ethics. When in doubt, ask questions. When you think something is not well done, say so. Do not allow yourself to be offered anything in exchange for favors. Do not offer anything in exchange for any favor. The idea is not to harm anyone but to favor the company by always doing the right thing.

Mariana Sperber
Administration Manager
YKK Argentina SA