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A common question YKK gets is “What is the plastic Velcro called?”

VELCRO® is a trademark owned by Velcro Companies. VELCRO® tape is called “hook and loop” generically. The industry term for plastic hook is “extruded hook.”

Extruded hook is a molded hook produced with hot melt extrusion technology, which is the process of applying heat and pressure to melt a polymer and forcing it through an orifice in a continuous process. This technology allows for different types of polymers/resins such as polypropylene (PP), vinyl, HDPE, nylon, polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), and polyester.

Performance describes how the hook engages and performs with different loops. This engagement is defined by the cycle life, peel, and shear strength. This performance is manipulated by size, shape, and density (number of hooks).

YKK Hook and Loop Selection Guideline

While conventional hook and loop fasteners are made by weaving or knitting yarns , YKK’s POWERHOOK® fasteners are made by continuous injection molding. The pitch between the hooks is narrow and “X-shaped,” so the surface is smooth and pleasant to the touch, and lint does not easily become entangled. Our POWERHOOK® extruded fastener products offer a wide range of performance due to different geometry and material. Our extruded hooks can pair with various types of woven, knit, and non-woven loops to achieve different results, from high and low cycle to disposable applications.

Advantages of POWERHOOK®

Engineered design = Product flexibility

  • Adjustable performance by choosing hook profiles and materials;
  • Lint resistant;
  • Sewable (thick base);
  • Lot to lot color consistency;
  • Good endurance to washing and dry cleaning (no binder backing);
  • Lower hook profile and softer feel to the skin;
  • Welding options (Radio Frequency and Ultrasonic).


YKK’s POWERHOOK® fastener material offerings:

  • Nylon
  • Attributes: Long cycle life
  • Application: General. Multiple types of nylon material provide a wide range of applications; Radio Frequency welder in some applications



  • Attributes: Better water/weather/heat resistance than nylon
  • Application: Conditions with higher temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight



  • Attributes: Economical and low durability
  • Application: Cost oriented with low cycle life requirements



  • Attributes: Similar to Polypropylene
  • Application: Similar to Polypropylene. High density (HDPE), Low density (LDPE), Linear low density (LLDPE) type given more options.



  • Application: For Radio Frequency welder applications


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YKK and POWERHOOK are registered trademarks of YKK CORPORATION.


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