The YKK Group Gives Back to its Local Communities Through Community Service

Ever since YKK’s founding, the pillar of all YKK Group business activities has been the CYCLE OF GOODNESS  YKK Philosophy, which embodies our belief that no one prospers without rendering benefit to others. We believe that the value of our existence as a company will be recognized by the benefits we share with society, and as such do not take lightly our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. All of our companies support their local communities in a variety of ways. Take a look at some of the activities with which the YKK North and Central America Group companies have been involved during FY2019.


At YKK, we believe an enterprise is an important member of society, and as such, it must coexist with other elements of society. Its value will be recognized by the benefits it shares with society. Tadao Yoshida, YKK’s founder, carefully considered this need for mutual prosperity as he planned his business endeavors. He determined that contributions to society could best be achieved by the continual creation of value through innovative ideas and inventions.

Here are some of the ways that YKK is contributing to communities around the world.