YKK Complies with National and International Standards through Certification

YKK continuously works to improve its quality management, occupational safety and health management and environmental management systems. The company’s conformity to international and national standards is confirmed through our many certifications. Here is a look at what our certifications are.

In addition, in the United States, YKK’s products meet the standards set by the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.)


Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA)

The CPSIA was signed into law in August 2008, amending the provisions of the Consumer Product Safety Act. The main objective of the CPSIA was to increase safety requirements for children’s products.

YKK does not make consumer products, however, its components are used in consumer products. Major requirements of the CPSIA impacting our customers’ products and YKK’s commitments are described below:

1) Lead content in surface coating and substrates

Lead content in products manufactured by YKK, except TZN airtight / watertight zippers and zippers with lead crystals/ rhinestones, does not exceed the lead content requirements of the CPSIA, as confirmed through internal testing.

2) Phthalates

Products, manufactured by YKK, except TZN airtight / watertight fasteners and Rail Seal Fasteners with PVC materials, do not exceed CPSIA phthalate limitations, as confirmed through internal testing.