YKK’s Fight Against Counterfeiters

A counterfeit product is a fraudulent imitation of a product that uses its trademark illegally. Counterfeits often mislead people concerning the origin of products. Counterfeits gain unearned profits and damage our business and our brand’s reputation since the quality of counterfeit YKK products cannot be guaranteed by YKK. Counterfeits create additional legal risks because, while they bear our name, they may not comply with laws like the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), a federal law requiring that we show that our products do not contain harmful levels of lead and phthalates in children’s products.

In 1991, YKK established an Anti-Counterfeiting Committee to take the lead in combating counterfeit YKK® zippers. As the globalization of the world economy continues, YKK is now taking action against counterfeiting not only in countries where YKK manufactures, but also in countries that only import YKK® products. Moreover, each YKK® business division takes the lead in anti-counterfeiting activities as a part of its business operations.

We often learn about imitations of our customers’ products which contain counterfeit YKK® zippers through the YKK Group’s activities to eliminate counterfeits. By sharing the information we acquire regarding counterfeits with our customers, we help to eliminate both counterfeit YKK® products as well as counterfeits of our customers’ products. We also exchange information with our customers who implement programs to fight counterfeiters, and we share our expertise regarding counterfeit detection at manufacturing sites and during seizures at Customs.

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