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Protect the Environment

July 13, 2020
Author: YKK
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Fundamental Behavior 3

The environment is one of the key factors in the automotive industry. In addition to the laws and standards of the automobile industry for environmental protection, each automobile and parts manufacturer has their own guidelines to contribute to further environmental protection. Also, one of the major trends in the automotive industry recently is the increase in EVs (electric vehicles). EVs have been on the market for a long time, but many of automotive manufacturer have stated plans to increase the number of EVs in the near future, even sports cars, in accordance with expectations for emission reductions from automobiles from the industry and the government.

Looking at our products, there are several reasons why they are considered for use as automotive components by our customers, but one reason is their contribution to weight reduction. If our products eliminate the need for heavy parts, they will contribute to weight reduction, improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. It means that our products can contribute to environmental protection.

On the other hand, when I look at my daily life, recycling is one of the very simple ways that I can contribute to environmental protection. In the last few months, during my self-quarantine life under COVID-19, I have had more time at home than usual and had the opportunity to spend more time recycling (for example, washing used plastic food containers, going to the recycling center, etc.)

One of the things I feel recently is that “protect the environment” also means “making a better environment for the next generation.” Sometimes it can be difficult to immediately see and feel how one’s own behavior can make a difference. But if I think that recycling contributes to making a better environment for the next generation, like for my two-year-old son’s generation, I feel more confident to be able to continue recycling.

I would like to continue thinking about other ways I can protect the environment at work and in other aspects of daily life.

Eric Matsui
Marketing Coordinator, TFM
YKK (U.S.A.) Inc.