EXCELLA® Blade zipper adapts itself to fashion styles that speak of luxury and classic. This avant-garde, yet classic fastener has teeth like herring bone, ideal for fashion and accessory designs with a different time-axis trend. The unique blade tooth shaped design, obtained from a newly developed tooth and exclusive teeth-mounting technology, has the same outstanding functionality and strength as many of YKK’s other products.

EXCELLA® Blade zipper has received 2 honored design awards, Red Dot Design Award 2015 “Winner” and 2016 German Design Award “Winner”.

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Additional information


Close Open Two-way Chain
Size/Chain Type 5SGB OK OK - OK

Closed and open-end functions only. Unable for movable function nor using
2 sliders due to the unsymmetrical element design.
Lateral chain strength is less than 5SGY, but the same as 3SGY.
The other strengths are the same as 5SGY excluding lateral chain strength.