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Fundamental Behavior 9 – Honor commitments

August 24, 2020
Author: YKK
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Honor Commitments

When considering this Fundamental Behavior, the examples that came to mind were situations in my life where I stayed resilient in a tough situation or circumstance and persevered. However, after thinking about the topic further I realized that a commitment that seemed insignificant at that time ended up having an overwhelmingly positive change in my life, because I honored my commitment.

In April of 2014 I moved to Kurobe, Japan to participate in a multi-year R&D training program for YKK. As one could imagine, relocating across the globe without my existing network of family or friends to support me was a challenge. While acclimating to my new life in Japan I did make friends and had support from my company; however, I struggled to find an English speaking place of worship that I could attend. Thankfully I found an amazing church with a mixture of Japanese and international members; the only issue was that the church was over a 1.5 hour, one-way commute from my city of residence.

I began to attend this church regularly and was asked if I would be willing to volunteer to assist with outreach programs. At first I was reluctant because of the commute, but eventually made the commitment to help with these events as much as possible. Shortly after making this commitment I was asked if I could help in organizing a summer barbecue event. Certainly it would have been easier at that time to politely refuse and find some excuse for not helping to setup the outreach event with one excuse or another. Fortunately, however, I honored my commitment, and as a result was introduced to a beautiful Japanese woman who attended another community church in the area. We immediately made a connection, and many months later I asked this same woman to be my wife.  Through honoring my commitments to my local church, I ended up meeting my future wife who has given me so much love and support.

In summary, even seemingly small commitments that appear insignificant and easily declined at the time may end up resulting in a bigger impact on your life and the people around you than you could ever imagine.

John Holliday
Senior Product Development Manager
YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. Global Marketing Group