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Fundamental Behavior #9 – Honor Commitments

August 16, 2022
Author: YKK
Fundamental Behaviors

Fundamental behavior #9 - Honor Commitments

Dear Family,

YES, Family! Isn’t that what we are? A family shares values, customs, lifestyle, dreams, objectives, goals, etc. If we take it to the work environment, we all share a wonderful philosophy, principles, and values that together becomes a work culture.

Now I want to talk to you from my experience about the fundamental behavior # 9, “Honor commitments .” This seems to be so easy to say, but it is so difficult to fulfill it. It is clear to me that all we have to do to honor our promises is to do what we promised we would do in a timely manner. This value reminds me of my maternal grandfather (may he rest in peace); he used to say that giving our word is the highest commitment and it is the most precious thing to gain and keep other people’s trust. When we tell or commit to our family, friends or co-worker that we will do something by a certain time or place, we must do our best to get it done, and on time. Otherwise, they will doubt our credibility in the future.

It has been a little over 10 years since I joined YKK El Salvador. I remember perfectly my first days, in my induction process, which included a tour of the production plant. In that tour, I met with many departments, and I remember a specific area, when I was introduced to my colleagues and they welcomed me. A colleague approached me and jokingly told me the following: “Don’t go away in the next few days. You should be looking forward to it.” I asked him why he said that and his answer was “People who come do not last long in that area (administration) and a few days later they leave.” That answer left me thoughtful and very worried, then I reflected inside myself and I said to myself, I left my previous job very stable and I do not know if in the coming days I will leave YKK. Was it a good decision?

As the days went by I began to know the reasons why the people who preceded me in my position did not last and left YKK. Among many factors was that they could not stand to honor their commitments or promises and did not identify with our culture. On the contrary, for me it was a great advantage because I grew up with this value deeply rooted in the teachings and example of my family. In order not to make my anecdote too long, I was able to adapt to the culture. So, if you are reading this, it is because you are surely an extraordinary person and very committed to this fundamental behavior.

Please remember, when we give our word, whatever its nature or scope, we put into play our authority, our competence and our responsibility.  If we comply with the terms, times, and quality levels we agreed to, this will reflect on us as “trustworthy and committed” people towards others.

Finally I encourage you to honor your commitments whatever their nature, assigning them a priority. Beware! This does not mean that one is more important than another, but that you must assess the risk that you expose yourself to by not fulfilling a commitment and this will allow you to seek ways to meet them. It is essential to notify the relevant people. In the world of finance we have a saying, “The greater the risk the greater the exposure to a loss.” In this case the biggest loss you will get will be your credibility. Hugs to my dear family!

Edwin Mendez
Financial Manager
YKK Central America