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Fundamental Behavior 7 – Clarify Expectations, Then Respond Quickly

February 12, 2021
Author: YKK
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Clarify Expectations, Then Respond Quickly

This fundamental behavior says “Avoid misunderstanding by discussing expectations upfront.”

Make notes when visiting customers and during meetings and discussions to avoid misunderstanding. At the end of the meeting, confirm with each other what and by when we have to complete items discussed. If you are the meeting requester, you should clarify the request and deadline and repeat it at the end. If you are the person receiving the request, you should try to respond before the deadline if possible, and if the response does not meet the requester’s expectation, then do further action to meet his/her expectation.

Also, you should review previous discussions and decisions before the next meeting or discussion. To solve problems, we need to Check and Act, then go on to the next PDCA Cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) to improve little by little and step by step.

This Fundamental Behavior also says, “Respond even if you’re still working on it.” If you respond quickly (before the due date), the requester will think you did your best even if it did not meet his/her expectations and you still have time to make corrections or do further actions to meet his/her expectations by due date. Please ask him/her what you need to do additionally to meet it fully.
If you behave like this, the requester will think you are reliable even if your reply does not meet his/her expectation. On the other hand, the worst response is to ignore the request or respond after deadline.

Keep in mind what we should to do to make someone happy. If someone makes us happy, we have to do the same thing to make someone else happy.

Tatsuo Nakayama
Planning Manager
YKK (U.S.A.) Inc.