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Fundamental Behavior 7 – Clarify expectations then respond quickly

August 6, 2021
Author: YKK
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I want to share why in my family likes photos sitting on stairs all together:

One of the best experiences and lessons of my life was living in Quintana Roo in Riviera Maya, when my then 10 year old daughter Sofia asked me to visit a big and tall pyramid because she wanted to see the jungle and the mangroves from the top. That was the expectation. I chose the Nohoch Mul in Cobá, the pyramid of the Mayan food god who is represented by a bee. In fact, the best honey and wax can be found in that region. One more expectation was to get some pure honey from there. We started the ascent to the tallest Mayan pyramid in the Yucatan peninsula, with 120 steps and views of the jungle, indeed.

My quick reaction and response was when Sofia started to climb the steep pyramid without me noticing and suddenly she greeted me halfway up the pyramid shouting, “Papa I’m here!” and the echo made me turn my head and run.

The risk was the steepness and height of the steps and a single rope lying on the staircase. My instinct made me climb quickly and reach her as fast as I could. And I did see several daredevils who slipped and had to rest the bumps or scratches of the journey. As a dad I did not know how to get to Sofia and climb the last part with her.

The prize was the most spectacular view of the jungle and having Sofia safely by my side. We set off down the pyramid in a very careful way.

This is how challenges are usually at YKK. Just like with Sofia in front of the pyramid, we must make it clear that we must climb together from the beginning and in a safe way. At YKK, a sales or production situation is closely related to human resources, legal, finance, logistics and tax matters. We must act as a team, communicate, and have clear expectations, letting each other know when we are at the base, in the middle, or at the top of the main objective, when we already have a good view, and above all getting down safely for the whole team and our beloved company. It is very common that we are discussing the same issue in a meeting, but we all understand different angles. It is very important to clarify what is expected, and at what moment on the development and solution to go up and down to the pyramid. And we must communicate in a safe way for everyone in the business.

By the way, when we got down from the pyramid, we got the best local honey candies and we really enjoyed them.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to share and team up at YKK.

Gustavo Trejo
Senior Manager, Accounting
YKK Mexicana S.A. de C.V.