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Fundamental Behavior 25 – Be positive

December 11, 2020
Author: YKK
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We have lots of excuses to NOT follow this last Fundamental Behavior, but that is when it is most necessary. It is old-fashioned, but ‘counting your blessings’ is a great way to create a positive outlook. Here is what I came up with:

  1. I am alive.
  2. I can breathe without difficulty.
  3. I feel like my mind is clear and is not clouded.
  4. My thoughts are not consumed with anger or hate.
  5. I am able to move without assistance and can clean, wash, and take care of myself.
  6. I do not have any significant health issues (no cancer, no heart disease, etc.)
  7. I am not in pain.
  8. I have abundant access to safe food and drinking water.
  9. I am able to remain warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  10. I have no chronic conditions or even permanent injuries.
  11. I feel well, in fact, I feel great most of the time.
  12. I sleep well.
  13. I do not suffer from any addictions (other than certain junk foods).
  14. No one is threatening to harm me or my family.
  15. I am free to worship as I please.
  16. I have a wonderful life partner in my wife and she is healthy.
  17. I have three great kids who are healthy and happy and they are safe and make good decisions (most of the time).
  18. My children get to go to school and perform pretty well.
  19. I have a home, it is very safe, and I really like it.
  20. All of my immediate family members live with me.
  21. I have two wonderful dogs that do not shed. I think they love me.
  22. My parents are both alive and well.
  23. My in-laws are both alive and well.
  24. I am close with my in-laws but they do not live with me.
  25. My sister is alive and well.
  26. My nieces just got married and have homes of their own. One is pregnant with her first baby.
  27. I have many supportive friends.
  28. I earn a good living and can pay for all the food and clothing and medicine my family may need.
  29. I work for a great company that provides health and retirement benefits.
  30. I get paid holidays and paid vacation time.
  31. I enjoy all of the people I work with.
  32. I work for a great company that is stable and that values me as a person.
  33. I have great bosses who are smarter than me.
  34. I have great people working with and for me who are smarter than me.
  35. I really like my job (and even love it a lot of the time).
  36. I get to pursue my work with ‘purpose’ in mind.
  37. The company I work for has a promising future.
  38. The people I work with have the ability to achieve our goals for the future.
  39. YKK is improving the planet and the communities in which we operate.
  40. I feel like I work for one of the good guys.

I thought this exercise would be difficult, but I could actually go on for another 100 blessings or more. I could not even get to my cool new Beekeeping outfit and how I get to start studying bees this spring! Spend about 30 minutes counting your blessings and see if you can avoid being positive, I dare you. Please have a wonderful and healthy holiday. Please also remember to wear your mask, maintain social distancing, wash your hands, and disinfect. One last blessing – “I am certain 2021 will be MUCH better than 2020 and I can’t wait for it to get started!”

Jim Reed
YKK Corporation of America