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Fundamental Behavior 24 – Be an Ambassador

June 11, 2021
Author: YKK
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One of my favorite activities for our company is working with our new employees on their first day.  This is a prime opportunity to share the amazing history of our founder along with the wonderful things that we do well every day.  It is important to take the extra time to share personal stories and experiences. I try to pick things that will resonate with the new employees so they can begin to feel some of the same pride I have. It becomes contagious when we get excited about specific products and how they are used, or we offer the examples of the good work we do in the communities, or when we express enthusiasm about working for a company who believes in doing business the right way!

I often sound like I am bragging about our company while doing the orientation presentation.  When we proceed to the team introductions, I like to share the team member’s length of service or some of the good works they have been a part of.  Having a quality on-boarding program about the company can be fundamental to a good start for that new person joining our YKK family. Just the other day I was working with a new employee.    As the day proceeded, I watched her become excited, which resulted in my enthusiasm to share good information about the company. After we were finished with everything, including team introductions, she smiled and said, “This is nothing like my other company.” She confirmed by saying how nice everyone is and commented on how good of a company YKK seemed to be. This is when we can see the beginning of having YKK AP pride.

When we express enthusiasm and genuine praise about the things we do, the products we create, or how we run our business with strong ethics, then we can create new ambassadors in the organization.  Everyone wins.  The employee has a new employer that they can be proud of and the company has a new enthusiastic and engaged employee to continue our founder’s legacy.

Sherri Blackledge
YKK AP America Inc.
Senior Organizational Excellence Manager