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Fundamental Behavior 23 – Give Back

August 2, 2022
Author: YKK
Fundamental Behaviors

Give Back

In writing about this behavior, a question arose in my mind about the meaning or significance of the word GIVE BACK, as I wondered: is it possible to give back without receiving? If I had remained only in the meaning, it would sound somewhat selfish, since I would be conditioned to give something only in exchange for receiving something else. Reflecting on this, we can say that just by the fact of existing, we owe a debt to life and that in some way we should have gratitude. Gratitude is a way of giving back.

All of us, regardless of our social or economic situation, are born with the same conditions, and what we are today and what we have achieved, whether much or little, is not only due to ourselves, but also to what our environment has given us. Although there are many cases of people who have achieved success with their efforts, behind that effort there has always been a motivation that something external has driven. That is why we cannot be selfish and think that alone we can achieve our goals; we must be grateful to the circumstances that inspire us, and it is our responsibility to inspire others. This is what the Cycle of Goodness is all about: to be grateful for what we are today, to GIVE BACK to our environment (to life, to the earth, family, company) our best version.

Our company has been successful and has positioned itself as the number one in the world in its sector and somehow with its philosophy has sought to GIVE BACK to the world its best version. That is why it has developed several activities such as planting of trees, reducing CO2 consumption, manufacturing environmentally friendly products, such as NATULON® Ocean Sourced®, which is made from recycled plastic material from the ocean, and perhaps most importantly, it has given us employees opportunities and has taught us, through Fundamental Behaviors, to be better people, so that we give back to our environment our best version.

Don’t compete to be the best in the world, just try to give your best version back to the world.

Daniel Lujan
Director of Quality and Technical Support
YKK Colombia