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Fundamental Behavior 22 – Take pride in our appearance

November 20, 2020
Author: YKK
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Recently we have faced two different types of viruses.

The first one is a physical virus, which tests our 6s discipline, activities aimed at order and cleanliness that we even carry out in our homes during the work-from-home period. We have also had the opportunity to share our space with our children in their daily activities, both school and leisure. A comment from my son comes to mind regarding the level of difficulty of his video games. He told me that before the pandemic there were Rookie, intermediate, advanced and expert levels, but that now there was a new level of skill: 2020! My son was joking about it, but it’s the way we realize that this time has also been difficult for them. Now that the pandemic is beginning to subside, I have returned to the office with a lot of energy and I remember Tsuge-san’s suggestion in his Fundamental Behavior message on November 25, 2019: Create a safe and clean work environment just like we do at home, be efficient both in the plant and in the office, and be happy to work for a company like YKK.

Touring the facilities of our plant in Irapuato has always fill me with pride. As part of a government/Navy bid process, we received a visit from two soldiers in charge of their uniform factory to our plant. They wanted to get a closer look at our production process as well as our quality tests. At the end of their tour of our facilities, the managers shared with us how impressed they were with the cleanliness, order and logistics, both of the zipper plant (YMEX) and the S&B plant (SMM). They recognized that it is the best plant they have visited in the clothing industry. The visit of the soldiers strengthened their confidence in YKK Mexicana, as also happened last year, when we had the honor of celebrating the 25th anniversary of YKK in Mexico in the company of the governor of Guanajuato state, special guests and our 15 main customers.

The current economic situation is complicated. The Covid-19 pandemic caused the shutdown of our customers’ businesses for several weeks. After six months of contingency, in the last two months the demand for products by department stores has increased, and we have a forecast of improvement. However, we now face a new challenge, to combat a second virus, a computer issue, which has put our systems and our ability to react to the test. To guarantee the continuity of our service, we need to be more productive and efficient. We require effective communication, which gives our clients greater trust and credibility, with the objective of maintaining the reputation of the YKK brand.

2020 is a year of enormous challenges, but also of invaluable lessons. There is no doubt that: “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sergio Cordero
National Sales Manager