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Fundamental Behavior 22 – Take Pride in our Appearance

May 28, 2021
Author: YKK
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This week’s Fundamental Behavior is “Take Pride in our Appearance.” Whether it’s our personal appearance, our facilities, or work areas, our appearance is always the first impression on team members, business partners and in many cases customers.

This begins as the start of each day by dressing for success in your role. Before you speak a word or offer a perspective, your appearance has already made a first impression.   We should always dress professionally and appropriately for our role, whatever it may be.

Taking pride in our appearance also applies to our facilities and work areas. A clean, organized workspace is a sign of an associate that takes pride in their wok and takes care of the tools and equipment needed for their role. A clean and orderly workspace is the foundation for quality, service and most importantly safety.

Take a moment to think of this on a personal level.  If you and your family walked into a restaurant and then were seated a table that was not properly cleaned or were given menus and utensils that were dirty, then your server comes dressed unprofessionally, what would your first impression be? Would you still want to eat there or spend your hard- earned money in that establishment? Of course not. Many of us would leave and likely not return.

Contrast that with the impression you get when you see a fellow YKK associate that truly takes pride in their appearance. They’re dressed professionally and appropriately. Their workspace is neat and orderly. They have all the necessary tools for the day in a designated spot and can put their hands on them quickly. What impression would that make on you?   For myself, it tells me this is a person who cares about themselves, their work, and their team.    It tells me they truly take pride in every part of their environment, staring with their appearance.

Taking pride in our appearance ensures that we always make a good first impression.  After all, we only get one chance to make a first impression.

Rick Cawston
YKK AP America Inc.
General Manager, Residential Sales