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Fundamental Behavior 21 – Be a lifelong learner

November 13, 2020
Author: YKK
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“Be A Lifelong Learner” seems to be a basic matter in our life, but on the other hand, when I think about it from my standpoint, I feel that it is a difficult topic from the point of view of “what/when to learn.” This is because our time is limited.

I prefer to change myself through learning and experience because change leads to the discovery of one’s new values and self-growth. I strongly believe that learning is an asset that expands our life options. In addition, learning is not only related to individuals but also to the company, in terms of work.

Let me tell you about myself. For about 6 years before joining YKK, I developed car stereos (mainly the mechanical part) for an OEM as an engineer. Suddenly, when I reconsidered my values and imagined what I wanted to be in future, I remember strongly thinking at that time that I needed to learn things other than my current job. That was the trigger for changing my job. The main reason for joining YKK was that I was convinced that I can expand my potential by having an opportunity to work overseas and having relationships with many customers as a parts manufacturer. However, I had no experience except for automotive in my new job. The most difficult thing for me after joining YKK was to understand “Total Vertically Integrated Manufacturing System.” I realized that I didn’t understand the difficulty of the manufacturing because all the things I had designed in the past were manufactured by outsourcing. I learned that when planning a new product, it is necessary to reflect the manufacturing perspective in the concept. Of course, the process and thinking are different depend on each regions and need to be improved day by day, so I keep learning through my current work.

Looking at the Transportation Fastening Materials (TFM) business, our learning and technological innovation are essential to keep up with the major changes in the automotive industry. As you know, the walls of the industry will continue to break and change. Acquiring knowledge other than automotive might be necessary as individuals and as a company for the growth of our TFM business in the future. I believe that sharing what I have learned as an individual with the team and other divisions in a timely manner and putting it into action will lead to growth for myself and YKK. So I would like to keep learning what and when I need.

Sam Yamada
Product Development and Planning Engineer
YKK (U.S.A.) Inc.