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Fundamental Behavior 21 – Be a lifelong learner

August 2, 2022
Author: YKK
Fundamental Behaviors

Be a lifelong learner

For me, writing a message regarding the YKK Fundamental Behavior 21 “Be a lifelong learner” was a great challenge since I never have had the opportunity to express myself in something so big and seen by so many people. I take it as a way to learn as well.

I think that in life one never stops learning something, whether it be a new food recipe, a new song, a TikTok dance, an Excel formula, etc.

This comes from our families and from our upbringing. My mom taught me how to make a scrambled egg, my dad taught me how to be thrifty, my sister taught me how to hold a girl’s hand when I had a girlfriend, my older brother taught me how to play soccer, my younger brother taught me how to play video games, my maternal grandmother taught me that the family should always be united and that everyone should be loved equally.

I remember when I joined the company in the year 2000. I was brought in by a family friend who was the accountant of the company at that time. He convinced me when he told me that he needed me as his assistant and that I should learn everything he did because in the future he would opt for a better position, and I would move to his position and so on.

After a few years of working, when I was still learning everything, he tragically passed away, which was a hard blow to all colleagues because he was very charismatic, collaborative and had many other virtues. The problem came when we sat down with the manager to analyze how our job functions would be without him, and he began to ask me how much I knew and if I felt I could take on the functions. My little experience and the fear of not having anyone to ask if I was doing my job well made it difficult for me to make the decision to accept.

I had to start solving problems as they came up. The hardest part was learning how to use the “system” which at that time was DIVA, and my little or almost no English (at that time), nervousness, and insecurity were making me doubt if I had made the best decision, but now after what I have learned, I know it was the best decision I could have made.

When I was a child I saw a television commercial which left something very engraved in my mind and I try to put it into practice. It said, “to teach is to learn twice.” The phrase is attributed to Joseph Joubert, a French moralist and essayist. I think we have all done it without realizing it.

I am sure that all the staff that belongs to YKK is always learning something or teaching something and that is what makes us lifelong learners.

Edgar Lopez
General Accountant
YKK Honduras S.A.